Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
dominicm 2016-03-13T01:36:47.000004Z

@nberger: https://github.com/snoe/dotfiles/blob/master/home/.vimrc He's not much for updating it 😞

dominicm 2016-03-13T01:37:48.000006Z

A misc point, I started work on an async github issue loader for vim https://github.com/SevereOverfl0w/deoplete-github README tomorrow. But I'm quite happy.

dominicm 2016-03-13T01:38:04.000008Z

It probably throws in non-github projects currently... but such is life.

nberger 2016-03-13T02:14:28.000009Z

Thanks @dominicm :)

cfleming 2016-03-13T08:42:49.000010Z

@dominicm: That’s…. unlikely :simple_smile:

cfleming 2016-03-13T08:43:20.000011Z

@chris: Yeah, I think a lot of people would be excited by this. It’s on my list, somewhere…

dominicm 2016-03-13T08:43:59.000012Z

@cfleming: pssht. Why not :troll:

cfleming 2016-03-13T08:47:05.000013Z

@dominicm: I think my response would probably be considered trolling :simple_smile: