Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
dominicm 2016-03-19T17:14:50.000021Z

https://github.com/dgrnbrg/vim-redl anybody ever tried this? @juhoteperi

juhoteperi 2016-03-19T17:15:32.000023Z

Yes. It used to have better omnicomplete than fireplace (arglists etc.) but that is no longer the case.

dominicm 2016-03-19T17:16:05.000024Z

Is the built-in REPL any good / of any use?

juhoteperi 2016-03-19T17:16:41.000025Z

It doesn't have built-in repl? It depends on Fireplace.

dominicm 2016-03-19T17:17:22.000026Z

https://github.com/dgrnbrg/vim-redl#a-repl am I misunderstanding that?

juhoteperi 2016-03-19T17:17:54.000028Z

Aha, your are referring to somekind of repl window/buffer?

juhoteperi 2016-03-19T17:18:09.000029Z

I don't know, it is of no use for me

dominicm 2016-03-19T17:19:31.000031Z

I think so. I was interested to know if it was any good. Somewhat related to https://clojurians.slack.com/archives/boot/p1458407333001355 I also can't figure out the injections for boot.

dominicm 2016-03-19T17:20:27.000033Z

oh, injections isn't what I thought anyway

dominicm 2016-03-19T17:22:02.000036Z

oh, you got vinyasa working, very nice. I was worried it was tied to lein.

juhoteperi 2016-03-19T17:22:24.000037Z

I had it working but I have removed it some months ago as I found I didn't use it

dominicm 2016-03-19T17:25:27.000038Z

ah. Interesting. I'm constantly trying to out-do my emacs colleagues. So I thought I might play with some new toys. Now I'm looking at aprint too

dominicm 2016-03-19T17:57:53.000039Z

Hmm, task-options doesn't interact well as a default.. doesn't compose too well.

dominicm 2016-03-19T18:28:57.000040Z

@juhoteperi: The debug feature seems pretty neat. But the repl is fairly crap.

dominicm 2016-03-19T19:06:34.000041Z

I swapped in debug-repl instead, it seems really cool!