Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript

copying from vim-fireplace: there doesn't seem to be a dedicated vim channel, but it's probably safe to assume people here are vim users - does anyone use YouCompleteMe? I have spent days trying to research how to get its autocompletion engine to recognise -s as word characters - does anyone have a working setup for this?


I saw that before - the patch file doesn't seem to work


the functions in the gist don't appear anywhere in my source code for YouCompleteMe - I'm not sure if the code has since changed - the gist is almost 2 years old


does it work for you?

snoe 2016-05-20T22:20:54.000037Z

I don't use the plugin, sorry


ok thanks for researching for me though!

juhoteperi 2016-05-20T22:50:22.000039Z

I have replaced YCM with deoplete


looking it up now - is it more lisp friendly?

juhoteperi 2016-05-20T22:51:39.000041Z

it has been created for Neovim


hmm, I don't currently have neovim