Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
martinklepsch 2016-06-15T11:29:25.000004Z

@flyboarder: @jasongilman — following up on the discussion in #C053K90BR: When you want to auto-indent a section of a file, how do you do it?

jasongilman 2016-06-15T12:17:26.000006Z

@martinklepsch I use a command I wrote here 'jason:indent-top-expression' https://git.io/atom_clojure_setup. I have it tied to a keybinding.

jasongilman 2016-06-15T12:17:57.000007Z

It uses some features of the lisp-paredit plugin

martinklepsch 2016-06-15T12:18:23.000008Z

ok, so you're just not using atom's default auto-indent stuff, y?

jasongilman 2016-06-15T12:20:26.000009Z


flyboarder 2016-06-15T14:43:31.000010Z

@martinklepsch: the problem I found with auto-indent in Atom is that it will always indent everything, so If I want to fix a few lines in a selection, the entire selection auto aligned to the right, so after fixing I have to outdent the section to shift it back to the left

flyboarder 2016-06-15T14:45:38.000011Z

proto-repl is pretty slick and is running boot 🙂