Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
dominicm 2016-07-08T07:47:17.000071Z

@bojan.matic: I use neovim. You can script it with clojurescript.

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T07:47:51.000074Z

I tried neovim

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T07:47:59.000075Z

it just ignored all my config and plugins

dominicm 2016-07-08T07:48:10.000076Z

The config file moved 😛

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T07:48:16.000077Z

i was lead to believe simply symlinking /.vim to /.nvim would do the trick

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T07:48:24.000078Z

nothing happened

dominicm 2016-07-08T07:48:59.000081Z

Not sure which version you used, but it was moved to XDG_HOME a while back.

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T07:49:10.000082Z

oh really?

dominicm 2016-07-08T07:49:16.000083Z

So my vimrc is ~/.config/nvim/init.vim

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T07:49:38.000084Z

i’m on OS X though

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T07:49:48.000085Z

XDG_HOME doesn’t seem to be set

dominicm 2016-07-08T07:52:28.000087Z

According to the issue, looks like a lot of "Unix tools" create .files in the home dir. And some users set those environment variables.

dominicm 2016-07-08T07:53:01.000088Z

I'd try sticking something basic in that structure in your home dir. See what happens 😛

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T07:55:22.000089Z


bojan.matic 2016-07-08T07:55:46.000090Z

~/.vim/vimrc should be ~/.nvim/init.vim?

dominicm 2016-07-08T07:56:05.000091Z


bojan.matic 2016-07-08T07:58:59.000092Z


bojan.matic 2016-07-08T07:59:19.000093Z

not picking it up

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T07:59:22.000094Z

so annoying

dominicm 2016-07-08T08:00:22.000095Z

Check out :h vim-differences

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:01:21.000096Z

oh wait, i’m retarded

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:01:44.000097Z

I symlinked to ~/.config/.nvim instead of ~/.config/nvim

dominicm 2016-07-08T08:02:31.000098Z


bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:02:34.000099Z

plugins are complaining vim doesn’t have python support now

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:02:44.000100Z

ultisnips and ternjs specifically

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:03:15.000101Z

what do you use for package management btw? i could never be bothered to use something other than pathogen

dominicm 2016-07-08T08:03:17.000102Z

I don't know osx, but you need to install the neovim python thing somehow.

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:03:26.000103Z

but I dislike the submodules

dominicm 2016-07-08T08:03:36.000104Z

I use vim-plug. Because it's declarative and has async support.

dominicm 2016-07-08T08:03:49.000105Z

I hear good things about this also https://github.com/Shougo/dein.vim

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:05:03.000107Z

what about neobundle? is dein now recommended over it?

dominicm 2016-07-08T08:05:45.000108Z

https://github.com/neovim/homebrew-neovim/blob/master/README.md says to check :h python-provider which uses pip.

dominicm 2016-07-08T08:05:52.000110Z

I have no idea on the official stance honestly.

dominicm 2016-07-08T08:07:28.000111Z

Sorry :help provider-python

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:08:13.000112Z

no help for provider-python 😂

dominicm 2016-07-08T08:09:47.000113Z

Do you use homebrew? Did you upgrade? 😛 I don't know OS X. Stuff just works on Arch Linux, OSX sounds hard.

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:27:15.000114Z

stuff didn’t just work on arch linux when i used it 😄

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:27:24.000115Z

that was 5+ years ago, though

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:28:05.000117Z

yea i use homebrew, didn’t upgrade since i installed neovim, like, 4 days ago

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:34:30.000118Z

i managed to read the provider-python help online, so i installed the neovim package and it seems to work

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:34:42.000119Z

not sure why my nvim install doesn’t have that help section

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:34:49.000120Z

i did homebrew upgrade too

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:35:28.000121Z

but it seems plugins just work now…i’ll play around with nvim now, thanks @dominicm

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:35:47.000122Z

also seems to be faster than vim

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:35:54.000123Z

at least feels snappier

dominicm 2016-07-08T08:37:30.000124Z

@bojan.matic: Excellent! There were some patches that went in recently to speed things up.

dominicm 2016-07-08T08:38:31.000125Z

For some neovim-specific stuff, check out my list of clojure plugins in my .files: https://github.com/SevereOverfl0w/.files/blob/master/nvim/init.vim#L86 (Comments like "extends" are just annotations for myself)

dominicm 2016-07-08T08:39:24.000128Z

https://github.com/Shougo/deoplete.nvim plus https://github.com/SevereOverfl0w/async-clj-omni/ is really good, I think 😉

dominicm 2016-07-08T08:40:01.000132Z

I write Clojure full-time, and I'm extremely productive with vim, even if I do bitch every now and then 😛

dominicm 2016-07-08T08:40:44.000133Z

https://github.com/SevereOverfl0w/.files/blob/master/nvim/ftplugin/clojure.vim a few things in here also, like reset for clojure files. I have some new things to add, but time.

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T08:42:07.000135Z

nice, thank you!

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T16:06:23.000137Z

@dominicm: do you do clojurescript? wondering how well neovim supports something like figwheel repl

dominicm 2016-07-08T16:11:54.000138Z

There's an open PR for fireplace which adds figwheel

dominicm 2016-07-08T16:12:01.000139Z

Boot works out of the box

bojan.matic 2016-07-08T16:21:19.000140Z

so that’s a no-go for figwheel at this time?