Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
bojan.matic 2016-07-09T15:40:31.000141Z

anyone tried visual studio code? it looks really nice, supports clojure syntax out of the box, and their language servers feature sounds like it could support a very rich extension for clojure development

flyboarder 2016-07-09T16:00:11.000142Z

@bojan.matic: I have it installed, I played with it for a bit but it's essentially notepad.

flyboarder 2016-07-09T16:00:27.000143Z

With a folder view attached

bojan.matic 2016-07-09T16:01:29.000144Z

what makes you say that? it works really well for javascript/typescript

bojan.matic 2016-07-09T16:01:35.000145Z

def. more than just notepad

bojan.matic 2016-07-09T16:01:43.000146Z

python support is ok too

bojan.matic 2016-07-09T16:02:56.000147Z

or do you mean that in the sense that it’s still very young and has few extensions available? with that I would agree, but I think the potential might be there?

flyboarder 2016-07-09T16:03:12.000148Z

I personally found it wasn't much of an IDE, feels like ms just has to compete in the free editor space

flyboarder 2016-07-09T16:03:35.000149Z

Like Adobe is now.....

bojan.matic 2016-07-09T16:05:19.000150Z

I think it should be as powerful as atom, as far as potential extensions are concerned

flyboarder 2016-07-09T18:34:01.000151Z

i would agree but that landscape is vastly under populated

flyboarder 2016-07-09T18:35:04.000152Z

it designed to be a web based IDE so im not sure how the desktop version will pan out