Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
dominicm 2016-08-01T16:53:07.000036Z

I don't suppose anybody has any resources on aligning vim/emacs/cursive editors in terms of indentation settings? I've hit a few walls trying to pull it off.

dominicm 2016-08-01T16:55:15.000037Z

I've found puppetlab's config, but maybe the project I'm on uses more code forms, because we've slightly outgrown it already.

wamaral 2016-08-01T16:56:42.000038Z

Not sure I understand, but have you tried http://editorconfig.org ?

juhoteperi 2016-08-01T16:57:40.000039Z

I don't think editorconfig helps with editor specific lisp/clojure indent settings

dominicm 2016-08-01T17:04:09.000040Z

@wamaral: It's more to do with editors arguing over where indents should be placed in terms of: - Which forms are special - To single space or not to single space https://github.com/bbatsov/clojure-style-guide/issues/126 - Should #( be considered as indented related to the ( or the # https://github.com/cursive-ide/cursive/issues/1227 - Do you sort ns forms? Emacs/Vim can do this via cider/nvim-refactor|vim-cider but I can't see it in cursive. - etc.

wamaral 2016-08-01T17:05:04.000044Z

ah I see

dominicm 2016-08-01T17:05:21.000045Z

I was hoping someone might have a big folder of editor configuration done that will let me jump ahead. Or maybe even just tips.

pbiggar 2016-08-01T18:27:13.000046Z

@jasongilman: following up on testing: https://github.com/pbiggar/nativeparedit/blob/master/test/clj/jasmine/macros.clj. I found it better to go with jasmine rather than cljs.test, as atom has a bunch of things like waitForPromise that weren't obvious how to integrate into cljs.test.


Yo! Should cider and the cljs repl work out of the box? My editor keeps giving this when I try to switch to a cljs namespace https://github.com/clojure-emacs/cider/blob/0f64a618ffb257c6c032e2709eb78fc03ae0c4c3/cider-client.el#L348