Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
greenhorse 2016-08-30T17:27:43.000002Z

@sekao Is there a console in nightcode that catches println output ?

sekao 2016-08-30T17:58:48.000003Z

@greenhorse are you not seeing the output when you run a project?

greenhorse 2016-08-30T18:13:54.000004Z

I haven't used run. I just use instarepl. I will try run unless there is a way to see console output without run.

sekao 2016-08-30T18:27:04.000005Z

@greenhorse ah i see, the instarepl does not currently capture standard out. You could possibly workaround this by surrounding the code with (with-out-str …)

greenhorse 2016-08-30T18:49:37.000006Z

exactly what I was looking for. thx.