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Does the CLJS repl work with/in emacs?


Can it? It never does for me

chris 2016-09-01T23:15:55.000010Z


chris 2016-09-01T23:16:06.000011Z

assuming you’re using cider

chris 2016-09-01T23:17:18.000012Z

you can either use cider-jack-in-clojurescript if you’re using a nrepl cljs repl or (I think) create-sibling-repl when you already have an nrepl clojure repl open

chris 2016-09-01T23:23:41.000013Z

if you’re using figwheel, follow the directions on https://github.com/bhauman/lein-figwheel/wiki/Using-the-Figwheel-REPL-within-NRepl this page

chris 2016-09-01T23:23:48.000015Z

near the bottom, search for CIDER

chris 2016-09-01T23:23:58.000016Z

that’s what I’ve done and it just works