Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
rauh 2017-05-09T19:41:44.819504Z

@boubalou Go to where the symbol gets defined. Hover over the special "defmacro" and choose "resolve like def"

boubalou 2017-05-09T19:46:26.909153Z

Hmmm, looks like what I need, but I cannot figure out how to do this. haha.

cfleming 2017-05-09T22:49:29.946417Z

@boubalou Yes. Place the caret on the defvalidator, and then press Alt-Enter when you get the lightbulb.

cfleming 2017-05-09T22:49:53.950847Z

@boubalou See https://cursive-ide.com/userguide/macros.html

boubalou 2017-05-09T23:46:48.516360Z

Gracias @cfleming ! The only problem I see is that there is no popup that comes up with alt-enter as proposed. I don’t get it because I know that I already used this, similar to Java when you want to auto-import or the like.