Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
borkdude 2017-06-13T16:23:54.930594Z

How does one format EDN in Atom?

borkdude 2017-06-13T16:27:04.006945Z

Or how to prettify a bunch of EDN in Emacs?

jeff.terrell 2017-06-13T17:39:43.675627Z

@borkdude - Can you turn on Clojure mode (`M-x clojure-mode`) then highlight a region and indent it with M-x indent-region or C-M-\?

jeff.terrell 2017-06-13T17:40:10.686297Z

I'm guessing a little because I'd be doing this in Spacemacs/evil mode, where I'd use the vim-style = operator.

borkdude 2017-06-13T17:40:31.694449Z

Indent doesn’t spread it out like pprint does

jeff.terrell 2017-06-13T17:42:47.746612Z

Even with Clojure mode on? (Assuming there's no EDN mode, that is…)

romain 2017-06-13T21:43:38.903653Z

Any VS code amateur to get some feedbacks ?