Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
WhoNeedszZz 2018-05-02T01:22:48.000002Z

Is there a VS Code color theme that actually understands Clojure?

WhoNeedszZz 2018-05-02T01:24:05.000173Z

One that understands the difference between symbols and keywords, but also the difference between functions and macros

WhoNeedszZz 2018-05-02T01:33:00.000155Z

And is dark

WhoNeedszZz 2018-05-02T01:33:07.000082Z

Atom One Dark fits the bill

WhoNeedszZz 2018-05-02T01:42:08.000122Z

Well not quite. It isn't aware of a lot of macros

shooodooken 2018-05-02T11:56:55.000098Z

i just raised an issue against calva/vscode (https://github.com/PEZ/clojure4vscode/issues/29) following conversation in #vscode I've attempted to look in to an underlying fix but am somewhat stuck.. short version is vscode prints literal ansi color symbol for the evaluation response value. i can't figure out whether the ansi color is being added by cider-nrepl or leiningen. so far, i've looked through code for cider-nrepl (& puget, which it uses to pretty print) but couldn't pinpoint the code responsible. did the same for leiningen code.