Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
riteek 2018-06-21T10:04:26.000237Z

I have just started clojure does anyone uses VScode for clojure. If yes what plugin do you guys suggest me? Main feature i want to have is jumping to the functions definitions, please help. I have used Clojure plugin by Andrey Lisin, func jump is only working for the inbuild funcs like println, reduce the jump is not working for my defined functions, please help

andre.stylianos 2018-06-21T10:36:40.000256Z

Hey @riteeks56 I'm not a VScode user, but to me it seems like Calva (https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=cospaia.clojure4vscode) is the more fully featured one.

andre.stylianos 2018-06-21T10:37:00.000436Z

@pez is always present here, he's one of the developers as far as I'm aware

riteek 2018-06-21T10:39:28.000448Z

Ya but I am getting command 'calva.connect' not found when try to connect to calva connect. Should i do something more after installing the pulgin?@pez Thanks @andre.stylianos

pez 2018-06-21T11:01:39.000248Z

It could be that Calva is not activated. It wakes up when you open a clojure file. And only then the connect command is available.

pez 2018-06-21T11:05:15.000141Z

Also, Calva needs some middleware to be present and working. This is a profiles.clj that works:

{:repl {:plugins [[cider/cider-nrepl "0.17.0"]]
        :dependencies [[org.clojure/tools.nrepl "0.2.13"]
                       [cider/piggieback "0.3.5"]
                       [figwheel-sidecar "0.5.16"]]
        :repl-options {:nrepl-middleware [cider.piggieback/wrap-cljs-repl]}}}

pez 2018-06-21T11:28:54.000493Z

When the dependencies are satisfied you will be able to get documentation, peek at definitions and jump to implementations for built-in symbols as well as your own or any libraries. Even Java implementations (but not JavaScript).

pez 2018-06-21T11:31:11.000419Z

I think that your problems with Andrey Lisin’s plugin might be a dependency issue. (Even if I hope you will find Calva the better of the two, generally.)

riteek 2018-06-21T13:01:45.000311Z

so i have to put this in profiles.clj and then reload vs code then it should work? Thanks for the help @pez

pez 2018-06-21T13:16:20.000577Z

@nick652: I have just released a new version of Calva where the ontype-indenting is moved to Calva Formatter (which is installed together with Calva). I was just about to try fix the problem with indenting conflicts between Format Selection/Document and the ontype indenter. But to me it seems that it works. The

case at least. And some others I have tried. Can you check if there are still issues with this? I do not understand why it would be fixed by this refactoring of mine, but anyway, I am happy if there is less work left. 😃

pez 2018-06-21T13:17:51.000527Z

My pleasure! You will need to restart the REPL too, for the middleware to be activated.

pez 2018-06-21T13:19:33.000662Z

The first problem you reported was not about middleware, though. It was either that you hadn’t opened a clojure file or that the Calva extension failed to activate (happens at times, I haven’t figured out why).


That's great news! Thanks for the update. I'll pull the new version down in a bit and let you know if that issue is gone for me as well.

riteek 2018-06-21T16:11:11.000754Z

what should be the location of this profiles.clj @pez

pez 2018-06-21T16:48:36.000788Z

In the .lein/ directory of your home directory.

riteek 2018-06-21T17:13:53.000459Z

still getting command 'calva.connect' not found. Idk what is the reason. I desperately wanted to use this plugin as its features seems to be pretty good but i am unable to use. @pez (i tried multiple times)

pez 2018-06-21T17:16:02.000265Z

Which version of Calva are you using?

riteek 2018-06-21T17:18:17.000733Z


riteek 2018-06-21T17:26:26.000278Z

@pez is it working fine for you?

pez 2018-06-21T19:23:48.000412Z

Yes, it’s working fine for me. But 1.3.0 is a strange version, latest is 1.3.27…