Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
pez 2018-08-07T10:51:07.000048Z

No, I can't spot was is particular. But my computer is weak and has very little RAM so maybe it is just one JVM process too much. Will try with only that one and whatever I need for testing the transport-fn.

Marc O'Morain 2018-08-07T12:22:50.000265Z

@bozhidar Thanks for all the work on cider-nrepl :thumbsup: I've been fleshing out the ClojureVSCode extension recently to add more cider-nrepl support - one difficulty I'm having to find a spec for what the result formats are from the different cider-nrepl middleware. Is there a doc somewhere describing the keys and values? For example, I've been writing a type definition for the result of running some tests: https://github.com/avli/clojureVSCode/blob/bc14a2b99c710c8fcb5d2c9212e98f06c44acc06/src/clojureEval.ts#L16-L45 If there isn't such a doc, I'd like to make a PR to add one - what's the right place to put it?

bozhidar 2018-08-07T15:50:53.000319Z

@marc-omorain Great point! So, this has to be generated automatically from the middleware descriptors like this doc https://github.com/nrepl/nREPL/blob/master/doc/ops.md

bozhidar 2018-08-07T15:51:46.000403Z

Thereโ€™s a bit of logic in nREPL to dump the output of the describe op as markdown and I think we should just add a command line interface for it.

bozhidar 2018-08-07T15:51:59.000123Z


bozhidar 2018-08-07T15:52:23.000491Z

When cider-nrepl is loaded this would also-output the description of all its ops.

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:08:28.000359Z

I wouldn't be thinking of a lein task, just a main.

richiardiandrea 2018-08-07T16:08:31.000458Z

For @pez @bozhidar this is a serious :cider: contender. Not Clojure though ๐Ÿ˜‰ maybe Calva one day? https://mobile.twitter.com/jaredforsyth/status/1026706210043490304

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:08:34.000033Z

then doing lein run โ€ฆ

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:08:46.000584Z

or clj -m gen.main โ€ฆ

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:10:25.000323Z

Oh, no, I realized this, yeah

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:10:26.000508Z

ignore me ๐Ÿ˜„

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:10:33.000469Z

Your patch works, thatโ€™s why we deleted this. ๐Ÿ™‚

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:10:42.000522Z

Alembic doesnโ€™t work with Java 9+.

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:11:02.000253Z

dynapath should work with this setup.

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:11:22.000474Z

Btw, I donโ€™t get your point about the main. You want a dedicated main just for the docs generation?

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:11:45.000446Z

@bozhidar yup. More universal than a lein task

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:11:46.000292Z

I planned just to add a cmd line flag about this --describe-ops

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:11:58.000380Z

oh, a command line flag works too

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:12:55.000228Z

the problem is that I now need to have certain dependencies loaded.

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:13:15.000466Z

can I hot load my dependency hot loading system? ๐Ÿ˜„

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:14:55.000541Z

@bozhidar does alembic not work period with java9+? Or it would work if it could find a DynamicClassLoader?

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:15:15.000304Z

I mean, t.d.a should ship with refactor to support this functionality I suppose.

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:15:56.000480Z

alembic uses dynapath, so it should work. Yeah, I think we just need to make changes in nrepl to support this.

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:16:42.000265Z

You get a runtime error with it, if I recall correctly.

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:17:06.000065Z

That was holding back a new refactor-nrepl release for a long time, so I just suggested we delete it.

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:17:12.000188Z

Yeah, for sure. Makes sense.

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:17:44.000488Z

Both maintainers donโ€™t have much time for the project, Iโ€™m trying to help them now cut finally 2.4.0, and Iโ€™m done with open-source for a very long time. ๐Ÿ˜„

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:17:45.000362Z

I think this would need a bit of jiggery to work in nrepl. Something about how nrepl is started. So a good choice to cut it for now.

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:19:04.000168Z

Maybe. Generally I want to have a hot-loading middleware straight in cider-nrepl, but who has time for all of this.

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:19:23.000438Z

Yeah, weโ€™re just waiting to see if people will complain a lot.

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:19:47.000276Z

yeah, where it goes doesn't matter. I like the feature in replant is all ๐Ÿ™‚

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:19:52.000565Z

Did you test the latest snapshot? Supposedly we fixed it ๐Ÿ™‚

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:20:18.000468Z

I haven't yet, no. My life has significantly reduced clojure in it at the moment. I write terraform instead.

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:20:21.000325Z

I miss clojure.

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:20:23.000089Z

a lot.

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:21:46.000056Z

Well, thereโ€™s open-source for you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

dominicm 2018-08-07T16:21:51.000521Z

conditional statements can only return strings. Not lists. Not maps. Just strings. Do you know how you return a list? You do this:

"${split(",", condition ? join(",", alistofthings) : "")}"

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:21:54.000014Z

All the Clojure I ever wrote. ๐Ÿ˜„

richiardiandrea 2018-08-07T16:27:15.000276Z

@bozhidar before you quit then we need to merge my cljs-tooling patch ๐Ÿ˜ƒ should be good to go

richiardiandrea 2018-08-07T16:27:58.000232Z

Actually tests are failing sorry...

richiardiandrea 2018-08-07T16:28:41.000564Z

Renamed something and forgot to push, should be good later today

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:29:22.000338Z

Yeah, just let me know when this is ready.

richiardiandrea 2018-08-07T16:29:46.000348Z

No answer from the Cljs folks on my jira, so ended up copying things over, will do sorry for the ping

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:30:08.000117Z

Iโ€™ll still be around, but starting next week Iโ€™ll be on semi-vacation for a few months and Iโ€™ll try to scale down my OSS work.

richiardiandrea 2018-08-07T16:30:48.000255Z

Deserved holiday I would say ;)

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:30:50.000102Z

Iโ€™ll still take a look at patches and stuff, but I donโ€™t plan to work on anything meaningful myself for a while.

bozhidar 2018-08-07T16:31:29.000416Z

Yeah, the last few months were pretty stressful. I certainly need some rest.

pez 2018-08-07T18:56:08.000072Z

@richiardiandrea ocaml looks cool, even though I do not quite understand what it is I am looking at. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

pez 2018-08-07T18:57:04.000612Z

@bozhidar scale down on your OSS work for the duration of the semi-vacation or also beyond that?

richiardiandrea 2018-08-07T19:00:09.000235Z

That is Clojure/lisp syntax compiled to Ocaml AST

richiardiandrea 2018-08-07T19:00:20.000535Z

Which means lisp to native through the Ocaml compiler

bozhidar 2018-08-07T21:24:14.000014Z

@pez Just during the semi-vacation. ๐Ÿ˜„ Semi-vacation basically means a vacations from OSS, not a real vacation. The recent push was way too exhausting and I need to recharge my batteries a bit.

bozhidar 2018-08-07T21:25:24.000272Z

I love working on OSS projects, but juggling a ton of projects and a full-time job can really drain you.