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bringe 2018-08-21T00:01:07.000100Z

@pez I think I know what's happening now. I got it to print socket messages in the terminal, but not in the "Calva says" output. I think it was working before but I wasn't noticing the prints were happening in another terminal repl. I'll explain my sequence of actions: 1) I open my code file. Right now no repl is running. 2) I open VS Code's integrated terminal 3) I run lein repl in the integrated terminal, and an nrepl session is started 4) I run the Calva command to connect to the running repl, and at this point, Calva starts another terminal repl in VS Code but does not switch to it. So there was a "Clojure REPL" in my terminal dropdown list, but I was not aware. 5) I evaluate the current file, and at this point I get a message in my original terminal repl (not the one Calva started), like INFO::nREPL-worker-1: Logging initialized @97535ms 6) At this point whether I evaluate the code to create the socket connection from the file or from the other terminal repl, the print messages show in the first repl that had the logging statement

pez 2018-08-21T06:13:09.000100Z

Calva used to show the “Calva says” channel upon activation, but someone complained about that being a bit disturbing, and I stopped that behavior. Maybe I should change that back. Might have helped you to see the message that this terminal repl has been created. I'll at least see if I can switch to that terminal w/o also bringing up the terminal pane.

pez 2018-08-21T06:19:15.000100Z

Your findings, @brandon.ringe , might explain why I have never seen that message. I always start the repl from the terminal outside vscode (because reasons) and very seldomly look there for any output. I am a little surprised to learn about this logging on the side. I must inspect the nrepl response to see if there is something Calva can do to pick it up. Thanks for this help with reporting the issue!

bringe 2018-08-21T12:06:43.000100Z

No problem. Thanks for your time.