Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
pez 2018-09-12T04:43:08.000100Z

@ivana what do you mean by evaluating tests?


I mean that I want to evaluate namespace/all/current test by choosing existing commands. You declare that it works, show screenshots in readme how errors marked in file and on separate error tab and so on, but in fact it starts with no reaction or answer

pez 2018-09-12T08:00:33.000100Z

I'll have a look.


and nothing is done


the same emptiness


Anyway, I tried Protorepl on Atom, it runs all test twise on pressing button (maybe the second time is for Calva 🙂 ), unfortunately not mark errored strings in a file text, but only shows results in terminal - but it works...


how tests woks in proto - bare-bones spartan terminal messages and starting twice if refresh-on-start setting is checked - one reloading 2 refresh complete...

pez 2018-09-12T09:54:32.000100Z

Thanks, @ivana. It seems this has stopped working, indeed. Hopefully I can find out what went wrong quickly.


Thank you too. Hope it helps you make Calva better and me to jump out from spacemacs to any more useful editor


Outside of jokes, I hope Vim is much more stable and bugs-free than any *macs derivatives. But its modes conception is terrible too