Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
kmiasko 2018-10-10T06:00:35.000100Z

Hi. I'm trying to use Calva with VSCode but cannot get it to work. Calva can't connect to repl.

➜  ~ code --version
Lein is configured as in Calva docs. All the time i'm getting command 'calva.connect' not found. Running Calva from project root, with clj file open. Any one had this?

pez 2018-10-10T06:02:56.000100Z

Which version of Calva?

pez 2018-10-10T06:05:44.000100Z

There is an issue with Calva not initialising when some non-clojure pane opens on startup, that I haven't quite figured out. Try closing the project with a .clj* file open and then reopening it. Might work.

kmiasko 2018-10-10T06:06:33.000100Z

@pez 1.3.44, latest i think

pez 2018-10-10T06:07:13.000100Z

Might be an issue with VSCode 1.28, then, I am upgrading to try it out.

pez 2018-10-10T06:09:10.000100Z

It works still after upgrade here. Hmm …

pez 2018-10-10T06:12:16.000100Z

Thing is you get that command not found, which means Calva is not loaded. It should load when a clojure file is opened, but it seems that in same cases it needs a clojure file to be opened first thing.

kmiasko 2018-10-10T06:13:09.000100Z

kk, i'll be trying later, need to go to work

kmiasko 2018-10-10T06:13:13.000200Z

thanks for checking it

pez 2018-10-10T06:13:53.000400Z

Maybe you can collect some hint for me if you Toggle Development Tools (the Help menu). And see if there's an error there that could be related.

pez 2018-10-10T06:13:53.000500Z

Talk later, thanks for reaching out!

kmiasko 2018-10-10T06:30:33.000100Z

@pez The problem was i had calva paredit and paredit installed, that was preventing plugin to load. Uninstalling paredit helped. Still can't connect tho, but now its other error. https://nopaste.xyz/?b54f9dd8e52cfccd#VZT3D51MnM7K0lbXVwZMdgHMHQUVfPsCQ/HFl2sOYo8=

pez 2018-10-10T07:00:27.000100Z

Oh, that was a strange side effect of having both installed. But really good to know. I guess it can happen often.

pez 2018-10-10T07:02:25.000100Z

Now it looks like you are havinbg trouble getting the ClojureScript REPL running. What does the Calva says Output pane contain? What kind of project is this? Figwheel?

pez 2018-10-10T07:13:08.000100Z

Let's continue this in #calva-dev