Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
sparkofreason 2019-04-04T01:31:05.009Z

I'd love to give it a try with VSCode, but it isn't clear from the example how to get it working. Is there some documentation I'm missing? Thanks.

sparkofreason 2019-04-04T01:43:44.009200Z

Ah, think I found it.

romain 2019-04-04T13:52:08.009400Z

You use LSP instead of clojure-mode? Does it work well with CIDER? And what about ClojureScript?


My Calva says me command 'calva.reconnect' not found on every command. I reinstalled it 3 times, but nothing changed. Whet it did not find tests in test namespace, it was bad, but I lived with that. But now it not working at all. What should I do? I am very afraid to return back to terrible emacs and IDEA/Atom...

pez 2019-04-04T20:59:44.015900Z

That sounds horrible, @ivana. What version of Calva are you using? Please visit #calva-dev. Right now I will be offline, but there are hopefully others there that can help you.


1.3.64 in right up corner in extensions list


thanks, i will go to #calva-dev