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benross 2019-07-03T08:36:42.071200Z

For those interested in Data. We (Trainline) are hosting a Data Engineering event at our offices in London. We use Clojure for our Data Engineering, and Dan Taylor (head of Engineering) will be one of the speakers. Event is on the 25th July.

dmaiocchi 2019-07-03T12:23:47.071800Z

people can join with #heartofclojure

alan 2019-07-03T14:46:01.072300Z

Is it going to be recorded?

benross 2019-07-03T15:45:00.072700Z

@justalanm I will find out. If you want to watch a previous talk by Trainline, Here is a talk you can watch - enabling real time data science in e-commerce.

alan 2019-07-03T15:49:17.073100Z

Thanks! I think you might be interested in scicloj then 😄