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practicalli-john 2019-08-04T07:41:52.034600Z

Today's Clojure study group Broadcast via Sunday 10am UK time (11am UTC) Continuing our exploration with Clojure CLI tools, we will create a project and better understand what templates are available, add dependencies and show the workflows we can use when developing and deploying an application. We will be following this new article during the broadcast

cljfun 2019-08-04T10:14:23.036300Z

@jr0cket great presentation on figwheel seddup

cljfun 2019-08-04T10:15:02.037200Z

spatially howda test stuff using fig

practicalli-john 2019-08-04T10:17:10.037300Z

The figwheel-main docs aren't that clear on exactly what the test alias does, but looking through the configs and just running the different aliases it made sense.

practicalli-john 2019-08-04T10:17:20.037500Z

Lots more to investigate