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practicalli-john 2019-11-04T16:57:17.069300Z

ClojureX conference 2019 in London is cancelled. SkillsMatter, the company that runs the event has gone into financial administration and is effectively no longer a business entity. Although the London Clojurians advise on the speakers at this conference, the event itself is wholly owned, financed and run by SkillsMatter. I apologise to anyone who had purchased a ticket or booked travel. It is unclear if any of this can be reclaimed. The London Clojurians team will look into creating a community conference or unconference in future, but for now there will be no further Clojure conferences in London. #clojurex

shar1z 2019-11-05T09:01:51.072700Z

Is this an official announcement? We haven't received an email and the website seems to be functioning as usual. We booked travel for a speaker and would like to know whether to cancel


This is from the founder:


at the same time @skillsmatter account tweets about event on 25th November


but possibly it's an automated tweet?

shar1z 2019-11-05T12:06:21.074300Z

Thanks. I saw it - but didn't see anything specific regarding Clojure Exchange?

practicalli-john 2019-11-05T12:52:17.074500Z

I received a short email from the person responsible for running all the conferences at SkillsMatter. They simply said that SkillsMatter did not exist anymore. I asked for more details but none have been forthcoming. Without SkillsMatter there is no venue, food, or any knowledge of who has bought tickets. It is assumed that SkillsMatter financial affairs would be locked down by the Administrators to prevent further loss. My assumption is that all the staff were all told on Friday 30th October that SkillsMatter was in Administration and no longer have jobs. It seems to have happened quite unexpectedly, so I am not clear what communication, if any, will come. It seems to be all in the hands of the Administration company ReSolve Advisory Limited. It is assumed that any official communication will come via the administrators and this may take a while to surface.


Sorry to hear about this John. I wish all the best to the good folks who worked there in finding a new gig.

alexmiller 2019-11-04T17:54:51.071200Z

I am very sorry to hear that :(

Cora (she/her) 2019-11-04T17:55:26.071400Z

oh man, that's a bummer 😞