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jaihindhreddy 2019-11-15T14:22:25.116500Z

Yup. It looks like the talks are going to be amazing.

dharrigan 2019-11-15T14:24:06.117200Z

The site for re:Clojure has been updated with the schedule of talks for the day, please join us if you can on 2nd December in London!

dharrigan 2019-11-15T14:25:35.117300Z

@alexmiller the schedule has been updated, can the webpage at be updated to remove the "final program is still being ironed out". Thank you 🙂

alexmiller 2019-11-15T14:38:05.117800Z

can you send me a PR?

dharrigan 2019-11-15T14:39:56.118300Z

Ah sweet, PR's for the win

dharrigan 2019-11-15T14:39:58.118500Z

no problemo

dharrigan 2019-11-15T14:40:00.118700Z

will get on it

dharrigan 2019-11-15T14:45:18.118900Z


dharrigan 2019-11-15T14:50:47.119100Z


orestis 2019-11-15T14:54:33.119300Z

I tripped over this too – is it really by design?

dharrigan 2019-11-15T14:55:02.119500Z

Sorry, had a typo, new PR

dharrigan 2019-11-15T14:55:05.119700Z


dharrigan 2019-11-15T15:03:11.122100Z

ta !


Do you think that Rich Hickey will present a talk at Clojure Conj? He is not on the speaker list :(

alexmiller 2019-11-15T15:06:23.122700Z

no, but he'll be there


looks like quite a nice line up though -- very much looking forward to the talks

2019-11-15T16:36:23.123800Z in case you want to watch/listen to/read any of his previous ones (or at last a lot of them are listed there)

seancorfield 2019-11-15T18:55:55.124100Z

Maybe @alexmiller can comment on the linking of the speaker image/name issue?

alexmiller 2019-11-15T19:17:55.124900Z

I asked someone to fix it this morning