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Eric Ihli 2020-05-07T11:05:51.126500Z

I can't login to Meetup for some reason. Anyone know if there is or will be another link to these talks?

tvirolai 2020-05-07T11:09:24.126600Z

The link to the session (we're using GoToMeeting, which works on the browser) is this: You'll be able to join using that when the event starts (4 pm Finnish time / UTC/GMT +3). The talks will be recorded and made available afterwards.

Cameron 2020-05-07T11:24:42.126800Z

I am surprised to see 'lenses' mentioned at a clojure meetup ahahaha a long time ago, I introduced myself to Clojure by trying to implement all the things I loved from Haskell, like lenses and monads and everything else you should never do -- it was terrible Clojure, although good fun nonetheless (although I do find uses for simpler lens in Clojure occasionally)

Cameron 2020-05-07T11:30:35.127Z

I'm curious to see how Jaakko will relate them to Clojure! (as well as traversals). I thought I was alone in marrying those two worlds


right? super cool.