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Brian Abbott 2020-08-27T04:07:07.025200Z

Hallo Leute! Thank you again to everyone who was able to attend the Clojure-Provo ( meetup last night. We have our next regular stated monthly meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 22, 2020 again at 7 PM Mountain time. The presenter will be Matt Smith from TaxBit and he will be doing a presentation on Datomic Ions which he has significant expertise in - it should be an exceptional presentation. Here is a link to the event page: Please consider attending if you have time, we’d love to have you!


Online Talk: Logic programming with clara-rules (by William Parker) This talk will show how highly complex business logic can be more easily encoded and maintained in code using a rules engine than with more traditional approaches, with the added ability to respond to external events impacting a subset of a program’s logic more efficiently than would be typically achievable with such approaches. It will also show how this can be done in a way that idiomatically integrates into a larger Clojure application.

Stefan 2020-08-28T09:17:46.029100Z

@bruno.bonacci This sounds very interesting! Unfortunately I cannot attend at that time. Are you planning to record and publish the talk afterwards?


Hi @stefan.van.den.oord, yes the event will be recorded and posted online in the London Clojurians channel. you can subscribe to the channel here:

Stefan 2020-08-28T09:57:51.029900Z

Awesome, very much looking forward to it!