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Join us at the London Clojurians for the chance if winning a free copy of Yehonathan Sharvit book "Data-Oriented Programming" RSVP:

West 2021-02-13T18:12:39.048800Z

Damn, wish I could be there.

Yehonathan Sharvit 2021-02-14T20:37:16.050800Z

Looking forward to meet you (remotely) on Tuesday @c.westrom

wilkerlucio 2021-02-13T18:34:36.048900Z

its a remote event

seancorfield 2021-02-13T19:51:04.049200Z

I've attended a few London Clojurians' events remotely (and spoken at it in January). Also the Los Angeles, Provo (Utah), and San Francisco meetups -- they're all virtual now.

West 2021-02-13T20:59:40.049400Z

Sweet yo. I just joined.