manandearth 2019-04-06T15:29:47.021600Z

Hi there, a configuration issue here, I am not certain I'm going the right way and it is not necessarily a figwheel issue: I have a REST app based on stuartsierra/component that I'd like to add clojurescript to. I copied what's relevant to the project.clj, from a working setup I have of a re-frame (cljs only ) app that I have tested and works.. I am still in the dark as to how pages will be served and if clojurescript will be compiled to more than the one route. So I have the system starting up with a (set-init [_] (dev-system)) <- this starts the components (db, pedestal, jetty) ... and I have a standard reframe:

(defn mount-root []
  (reagent/render [views/main-panel]
                  (.getElementById js/document "app")))
(defn ^:export init []
  (re-frame/dispatch-sync [::events/initialize-db]) 
I'd like to know how to marry the systems.. (perhaps there are no conflicts) My project.clj which I am certain needs looking is in this gist -> The error message from figwheel is in this other gist -> It starts as follows:
Failed to compile build :dev from ["src/cljs"] in 0.571 seconds.
----  Exception    ----


----  Exception Stack Trace  ----