Anyone else getting

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException cljs.stacktrace
from figwheel/repl.cljc when running

dominicm 2019-04-10T08:15:19.026Z

I have seen that before.

dominicm 2019-04-10T08:15:29.026400Z

I guess you're using Figwheel via git?


we're using [com.bhauman/figwheel-main "0.2.0"]

dominicm 2019-04-10T10:31:42.027Z

Refresh shouldn't be reloading that namespace then

dominicm 2019-04-10T10:31:46.027200Z

Oh, I know why it is

dominicm 2019-04-10T10:33:42.027800Z you are outputting your build to the classpath, so tns is picking it up, as mentioned in this ticket. It shouldn't really be being reloaded.


oh, really - that's interesting!


thanks, that seems to be the problem 👌 @dominicm 🙂

dominicm 2019-04-10T11:15:29.029300Z

This has been a recurring issue since I picked up clojure years ago. It affects bidi because it uses protocols.

dominicm 2019-04-10T11:16:21.030Z

I'm considering forking tools.namespace and promoting my fork.