practicalli-john 2019-07-12T07:56:40.052100Z

The website says to put figwheel-main.edn in your project and gives an example of it at the top level of the project. I suggest you try putting that file elsewhere and see if it still gets picked up. As figwheel-main.edn is for common configuration across all your builds, I do know understand why you would you want to put it in a sub-directory. Any other build specific configuration can override those defined in figwheel-main.edn, so you should only need one file per project and have multiple build configurations containing any specific configuration for each type of build. Use the figwheel-main template to create a project that gives you a nice simple example

PB 2019-07-12T14:38:21.053500Z

I have just moved to deps.edn. When using lein there was a command I used to compile my css, lein sassc once. Is there a way to do this with lein? I do not see any other deps for this?

rgm 2019-07-14T22:38:25.065100Z

Maybe not quite what you’re looking for, but I just use entr and sassc (non-clj specific). ... less complected, as they say. Unix does a great job with this kind of thing; no need to tangle up the clj build tools.

rgm 2019-07-14T22:40:40.067400Z

Eg find src -name “*.scss” | entr sassc —my build —commands > resources/public/styles.css

plexus 2019-07-12T16:18:29.054100Z

@kvit that functionality is offered by lein-sassc, I'm not sure if there's a version of that that you can easily use with clojure CLI

plexus 2019-07-12T16:18:41.054300Z

PB 2019-07-12T16:19:59.055200Z

Hey Plexus, thanks for the response, that's exactly what I was asking but I see that I missworded. is there any way to do this without lein? should have been my question


@petr don't know about others, but this is how I do it:


basically write a little clj script that will compile your SASS and use it with :main-opts ["-i ..."]. Start your compilation with clj -A:figwheel.