ingesol 2019-10-02T07:39:16.008700Z

Hi! Iā€™m no expert here, but just throwing in debug suggestions - Remove all non-crucial config like optimizations, pretty-print, source-map, closure-defines, preloads - My experience is that reload times can vary greatly depending on the depth. Do you get different results changing your main/core cljs file vs one deep down? - Did you try :parallel-build?

Mikko Harju 2019-10-02T09:32:25.008900Z

Thanks! Others I have tried, but :parallel-build not. Currently I am benchmarking a single file that has no dependencies other than it being requireā€™d from the cljs repl.

Mikko Harju 2019-10-02T09:38:22.009100Z

I think the bulk of that slowdown is due to other things than the compilation stage so parallel build did not help much (from 30 seconds to 28 šŸ™‚)

lepistane 2019-10-02T18:38:41.012800Z

Is there a way to create a copy of a file if i am doing advanced build? i found this but i am not sure if this can be used in such a way. Use case is i am hosting simple site on github pages it requres index.html to be top lvl i have img paths in cljs which i can't move to css due to lib i am using (they require src string) path for images is different for dev / prod build i'd would like to create copy of img folder top lvl when i am making prod build

lepistane 2019-10-02T18:59:37.013200Z

executing shell command is also fine


Any one have any info around why this may be happening?

websocket.js:283 WebSocket connection to '<ws://localhost:9501/figwheel-connect?fwprocess=eb35fd&amp;fwbuild=dev&amp;fwsid=6191049d-6bdd-42a0-bb81-f27a12a7e63c&amp;fwsname=Marty>' failed: Unknown reason
[] An error occurred: undefined

makinoshi 2019-10-02T22:48:37.014300Z

Which browser do you use?




figwheel-main seems to be stricter as well, the javascript environment would just launch when I connected to localhost or, but now it only appears to be happy with localhostā€¦