I've switched a recent project to figwheel main and am quite enjoying the much thinner configuration needed now.


I am left with two questions: 1. Is figwheel main also expected to produce production builds or is cljsbuild still favored here (by default, a single "dev" build profile exists) 2. With a default output of dev-main.js how do you usually go about producing host pages? A different one for prod and dev?


@pyr 1) I use cljs.main to do the production builds. Sth like this 2) I have a main.js only (for both dev and prod), so there is no need to duplicate host pages.


Looking at what the template provides, it seems as though dev-main.js stays as the name and the proposed fig:min alias produces a minimized/optimized build in the same location.


@jr0cket thanks for your answer!

raspasov 2019-10-15T18:47:07.020600Z

Has anybody used and managed to build for production?