EmmanuelOga 2020-01-26T01:44:14.027100Z

sup! learning figwheel.main. I have css reload enabled. Chrome doesn't reload CSS but firefox does. I wonder if anyone had something like that happen before, pretty weird.

EmmanuelOga 2020-01-26T01:45:58.028200Z

I inspect the dom and href of the <link/> tag changing, but chrome just stays there, not changing styles (again, in FF it just works).

EmmanuelOga 2020-01-26T01:46:15.028600Z

I disabled caching in Chrome inspector just to see if it would make a diff, nada.

EmmanuelOga 2020-01-26T01:46:27.028900Z

anyway, I though maybe someone here had seen something like that before.


@emmanueloga did you try doing it an incognito window?

EmmanuelOga 2020-01-26T20:46:58.030300Z

I did not

EmmanuelOga 2020-01-26T20:47:33.030600Z

you think maybe some extension is interfering ?

EmmanuelOga 2020-01-26T20:48:29.030800Z


EmmanuelOga 2020-01-26T20:48:34.031Z

now I try and it just works.

EmmanuelOga 2020-01-26T20:49:02.031500Z

no incognito, just a new tab. I'm not crazy, this did not work for the whole day yesterday! 😛

EmmanuelOga 2020-01-26T20:50:22.031900Z

maybe chrome doesn't reload stylesheets on odd days of the week.

practicalli-john 2020-01-26T21:33:07.035300Z

@emmanueloga some times the Chrome cache just holds on to it's data unless you go into developer tools and clear them all (there are several). Just restarting chrome is not enough to clear all the caches...

EmmanuelOga 2020-01-26T22:06:48.036Z

gotcha, invalidating caches, so easy.... Can't believe how they got that wrong 😛