I have something really weird going on in a project on one machine at least

Uncaught Error: Undefined nameToPath for moment
    at visitNode (base.js:1357)
    at visitNode (base.js:1355)
    at visitNode (base.js:1355)
    at visitNode (base.js:1355)
    at visitNode (base.js:1355)
    at (base.js:1369)
    at [as require_figwheel_backup_] (base.js:706)
    at (index):1


any idea what that could mean? funny thing is that this project works on another machine, but no amount of lein clean or even checking it out fresh in another directory makes it work


everything seems to be compiled correctly and I even get the cljs repl, but the page doesn't load at all because

Uncaught ReferenceError: your-project is not defined
    at (index):1


funny thing is also that the same commit works fine if I deploy it, so it's really juset a local problem


any idea what to look for maybe?

practicalli-john 2020-02-27T00:53:03.006300Z

It's almost always some cache somewhere... I had some very weird things happen because the browser cache didn't clear. Have you tried a different browser?


yeah I tried everything


different browsers, clearing all sort of cache


but if it actually works on my linux machine and in prod then I'm really puzzled


I see things like that seem related but I don't have any npm-deps


the only thing from cljsjs is probably [antizer "0.3.1"]

just.sultanov 2020-02-28T08:34:26.007100Z

@andrea.crotti Hi! If you want you can try this library without shadow-cljs - Unfortunately, I don’t have time to support antd v4.

just.sultanov 2020-02-28T08:37:23.007500Z

Or you can use directly