bhauman 2020-10-24T00:10:56.070700Z

@wcalderipe ^

bhauman 2020-10-24T00:21:27.071400Z

If folks can let me know that this is working for them I’ll cut a 0.2.12 release.

bhauman 2020-10-24T00:22:36.072100Z

BTW webpack grumble grumble backwards compatibility grumble

wcalderipe 2020-10-24T06:38:05.073400Z

hey @bhauman, thanks for the reminder and the fix... I've just tested the 0.2.12-SNAPSHOT with the same configuration described in my previous message and it's working like a charm back again!

wcalderipe 2020-10-24T06:38:25.073500Z

previous message:

wcalderipe 2020-10-24T06:51:15.074600Z

FYI: I downgraded the webpack and webpack-cli versions and here are the outputs

wcalderipe 2020-10-24T06:51:46.074700Z

with webpack": "^4.44.1" and "webpack-cli": "^4.0.0", it didn't work probably maybe because weback-cli 4.x is suppose to work with webpac 5.x (not sure about it)

2020-10-24 08:44:19.350:INFO::main: Logging initialized @2597ms to org.eclipse.jetty.util.log.StdErrLog
[Figwheel] Validating figwheel-main.edn
[Figwheel] figwheel-main.edn is valid \(ツ)/
[Figwheel] Compiling build dev to "resources/public/cljs-out/dev/main.js"
[Figwheel] Successfully compiled build dev to "resources/public/cljs-out/dev/main.js" in 8.518 seconds.
[Figwheel] Bundling: npx webpack --mode=development ./resources/public/cljs-out/dev/main.js --output-path ./resources/public/cljs-out/dev --output-filename main_bundle.js
[Figwheel:SEVERE] Bundling command failed
Hash: 23edb51fb530b7ce14d2
Version: webpack 4.44.1
Time: 137ms
Built at: 10/24/2020 8:44:31 AM
  Asset      Size  Chunks             Chunk Names
main.js  68.3 KiB    main  [emitted]  main
Entrypoint main = main.js
[0] multi ./resources/public/cljs-out/dev/main.js main_bundle.js 40 bytes {main} [built]
[./node_modules/axios/index.js] 40 bytes {main} [built]
[./node_modules/axios/lib/adapters/xhr.js] 5.89 KiB {main} [built]
[./node_modules/axios/lib/axios.js] 1.39 KiB {main} [built]
[./node_modules/axios/lib/cancel/Cancel.js] 385 bytes {main} [built]
[./node_modules/axios/lib/cancel/CancelToken.js] 1.21 KiB {main} [built]
[./node_modules/axios/lib/cancel/isCancel.js] 102 bytes {main} [built]
[./node_modules/axios/lib/core/Axios.js] 2.55 KiB {main} [built]
[./node_modules/axios/lib/core/mergeConfig.js] 2.83 KiB {main} [built]
[./node_modules/axios/lib/defaults.js] 2.5 KiB {main} [built]
[./node_modules/axios/lib/helpers/bind.js] 256 bytes {main} [built]
[./node_modules/axios/lib/helpers/spread.js] 564 bytes {main} [built]
[./node_modules/axios/lib/utils.js] 8.74 KiB {main} [built]
[./resources/public/cljs-out/dev/main.js] 1.25 KiB {main} [built]
[./resources/public/cljs-out/dev/npm_deps.js] 68 bytes {main} [built]
    + 15 hidden modules

ERROR in multi ./resources/public/cljs-out/dev/main.js main_bundle.js
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'main_bundle.js' in '/home/wcalderipe/dev/lab-figwheel'
 @ multi ./resources/public/cljs-out/dev/main.js main_bundle.js main[1]

wcalderipe 2020-10-24T06:52:52.075Z

however, with "webpack": "^4.44.1" and "webpack-cli": "^3.3.12" everything works fine 🙂