deadghost 2020-10-30T16:26:59.095200Z

How do I get figwheel to build with env vars? With leiningen, it'd be done this way: figwheel uses [build-name].cljs.edn so I don't think I can do :closure-defines {mything.env.atoggle #=(eval (System/getenv "ATOGGLE"))} since it's edn.

dominicm 2020-10-30T23:37:43.097200Z

Should a build id be named "dev" and "prod" or just "app"? The latter makes more sense to me, as it simplifies things, like not needing to change the html in dev and prod.

dominicm 2020-10-30T23:38:09.097300Z

You'll need to use the Figwheel scripting api for this