Samuel McHugh 2021-01-29T09:15:48.011100Z

+1 on trying to get nrepl working with figwheel. I'd like the integration with my IDE. The main problem is that I can't run two mains; nrepl.cmdline and figwheel.main . Or if I use the chlorine-socket-repl approach I run into the same problem just further in.

(figwheel.main.api/start {:id      build-id
                          :options {:main 'repl.cmdline}) ;; 'my-app-main.core


still kind of related to I think that if I could make figwheel compile a single file (even if that file wasn't been modified) I would be able to do what I need


I just need to set up hawk to watch for files in a certain directory and call a figwheel command to compile files in another path, is it possible though to force the recompilation of some given paths?


Even if you can't get Figwheel to recompile it directly, you could just touch it so that Figwheel picks it up

Samuel McHugh 2021-01-29T12:40:50.015200Z

Does any one have an example project of figwheel-main working with a cljs nRepl?