greetings, do i need to require Piggieback in my deps? It's mentioned in the docs, but the docs don't seem to suggest it as a dependency. I also don't see it when i run clj -Stree.


My real objective is to get my clj and cljs repl up and running with this project: I would assume it's a two step phase. cider-jack-in (given i'm using cider and nrepl). Then I would run the commands in the dev.clj file to

(figwheel/-main "--build" "dev")
Then I would connect another repl to the server that created, but i'm likely connecting the wrong dots. As when i try to eval expressions in the first repl i get it always times out, i assume it held up building the dev server? It gives me the prompt, but it always hangs.


the answer seems to be yes, i need piggieback.