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bartuka 2019-12-28T22:48:57.024300Z

hi ppl, good holidays! I am trying to build a cli app and I neet to make a request to other apis

bartuka 2019-12-28T22:49:16.025100Z

I am having trouble with the

bartuka 2019-12-28T22:49:49.025900Z

I copied it to the same dir as my native bin and everything is working... but I can't find a way to "include" it inside the bin

bartuka 2019-12-28T22:49:58.026300Z

how do I should deal with this problem?

borkdude 2019-12-28T22:50:45.026600Z

@iagwanderson What version of GraalVM are you using?

borkdude 2019-12-28T22:50:58.027Z

From 19.3.0 on there's no need to deal with these problems anymore

bartuka 2019-12-28T22:53:04.027800Z

uhmm.. wait a moment.. It seems like I'm using the regular java-8 to build the images and not the java-8graalvm

bartuka 2019-12-28T22:53:21.028300Z

😕 one -version away.. and I have installed the 19.3.0

borkdude 2019-12-28T22:56:09.028800Z

@iagwanderson These are the options I'm using: And I don't need to include anymore.

bartuka 2019-12-28T23:00:20.029800Z

thanks for the heads up @borkdude I messed up with the packages while using AUR in arch.. I'll fix it and get back to try it out