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gklijs 2019-12-31T20:54:22.058300Z

@jarvinenemil actually busy with Micronaut and Kafka myself now, but first trying to make it work on the JVM. Last time I tried make a native image with Kafka it was a known bug preventing it working, but that was about a year ago. It's to bad Micronaut works a lot with annotations, but maybe part of it might be useful from Clojure.

dangercoder 2020-01-01T11:13:14.063Z

I re-wrote some parts of the kafka library and got it working @gklijs

gklijs 2020-01-01T11:45:51.063200Z

Nice, maybe there is room for native-friendly Java client in the core library? Currently finishing up the Micronaut code. But works be nice if I could compare native Clojure with native Micronaut.


not sure i follow the remark about annotations - iiuc, they (some?) are possible to do via interop.

mruzekw 2019-12-31T21:45:57.062100Z

Does GraalVM with JS reduce runtime like for Java?

littleli 2019-12-31T23:51:15.062200Z

They are, but to be honest it makes no sense to use annotation driven development from Clojure