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mkvlr 2020-05-22T06:44:19.286900Z

will babashka stay on graal 19.3 / jdk8 for the time being because of the startup penalty on OS X? is quite a 🐇🕳️

borkdude 2020-05-22T06:45:35.287700Z

Upgrading seems inevitable because of new bugfixes.

borkdude 2020-05-22T06:46:50.288400Z

I’m thinking of moving to 20.1.0 one of these days

mkvlr 2020-05-22T07:20:09.288800Z

ok, will you move to JDK 11 also then?

borkdude 2020-05-22T07:20:57.289Z

@mkvlr What is the background to your questions?

mkvlr 2020-05-22T07:24:49.289700Z

somewhat interested in having a hato pod

mkvlr 2020-05-22T07:26:10.290600Z

but was more of a general interest to hear how/if things have been improving in graal

mkvlr 2020-05-22T07:26:22.291100Z

didn’t read anything too exciting in the release notes

borkdude 2020-05-22T07:26:24.291200Z

@mkvlr To build an hato pod, you don't need babashka to use JDK11. pods are independent from babashka, they can even be implemented in Python or Rust.

borkdude 2020-05-22T07:27:22.291500Z

So if you want, you can start building one today

mkvlr 2020-05-22T07:27:27.291700Z

ah right

mkvlr 2020-05-22T07:28:05.292500Z

do you have some data on the size penalty of pods vs integrated directly?

mkvlr 2020-05-22T07:28:25.293Z

especially for things using clojure on both sides I mean

borkdude 2020-05-22T07:30:11.293700Z

@mkvlr Note that I needed to make some changes to hato:

borkdude 2020-05-22T07:30:30.294300Z

Related to runtime requires which needed to be moved to compile time.

mkvlr 2020-05-22T07:30:46.294500Z

alright, thanks!

borkdude 2020-05-22T07:32:09.294900Z

if you decide to make a pod, here's what you need: it contains docs and you can also use the lib for testing the pod on the JVM


there is an action to provision GraalVM for GH actions -


Thanks! I know your github actions, and I have a plan to use them 👍