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Saikyun 2020-06-14T14:23:17.388700Z

is it possible to declare functions as native when using gen-class? I found ACC_NATIVE here: but it doesn't seem to be used anywhere in clojure

Saikyun 2020-06-15T07:01:44.395500Z

thanks 🙂

Saikyun 2020-06-14T14:23:50.389500Z

right now I've solved it by leaning on java-classes with native-declarations, but it'd be very useful if I didn't have to do that

Saikyun 2020-06-14T16:50:34.390600Z

in case anyone else needs it, I added support for it: you can use ^:native in the same way as you use ^:static 🙂

Saikyun 2020-06-14T18:42:53.392Z

you can also just "add" a new gen-class , here's a repo where I utilize this "technique". tested with clojure-1.10.2-alpha1.

alexmiller 2020-06-14T18:58:09.393100Z

I’ve run into this and there is a ticket for it in Clojure FYI

Saikyun 2020-06-14T18:59:57.393300Z

ah, cool. I couldn't find any tickets regarding this. it was a bit hard to search for "native" though, haha. 🙂 thanks for the info

alexmiller 2020-06-14T19:03:08.393700Z

alexmiller 2020-06-14T19:04:14.394200Z

Or if you want to vote for it

Saikyun 2020-06-14T19:04:41.394500Z

cool, thanks. would it be interesting with a pr? I'm not sure how you usually deal with these things 🙂

alexmiller 2020-06-14T20:22:03.395300Z for process