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lvh 2020-06-21T13:30:19.451400Z

Ugh, my life would be a lot simpler right now if GraalVM's native-image worked from Powershell and not the bizarre VS2017 development shell

lvh 2020-06-21T13:30:47.452100Z

I know babashka has a Windows build script, but has anyone gotten native-image builds working from GitHub Actions?

borkdude 2020-06-21T13:49:10.453300Z

@lvh check out appveyor.yaml in babashka. It’s pretty straightforward using that CI

borkdude 2020-06-21T14:04:08.454Z

I use Appveyor for all my GraalVM projects

borkdude 2020-06-21T14:04:19.454400Z

For the Windows build that is