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borkdude 2020-08-31T12:24:07.001Z

Http-kit has an http client which is modelled after clj-http, but probably much lighter on GraalVM, so it becomes a contender in this space. So far clj-http-lite was the only light-weight GraalVM-compatible http client library. Clj-http recently became compatible, but still results into bloated binaries. Is anyone familiar with http-kit as a client?

lukasz 2020-08-31T14:08:20.005Z

@borkdude familiar in what way? It works as a http client - although we're standarizing on clj-http (we have a couple of custom middlewares for it). We've run into issues in the past, but as far as I know everything has been addressed. The only thing that always bothers me is the need to deref the result of a request (I get it, it's async, but still)


I’ve used http-kit as a client, but not through Graalvm


btw, aleph was compatible as well it seems

borkdude 2020-08-31T14:20:59.005900Z


borkdude 2020-08-31T14:22:08.006Z


alekcz 2020-08-31T18:51:31.007100Z

I use http-kit almost exclusively. I've built firebase tooling around it. And a few other system too.

alekcz 2020-08-31T18:53:44.008400Z

@borkdude I like it for the lightness. I often use google libs, so that adds a ton of bloat so I appreciate the lightness.

borkdude 2020-08-31T18:54:34.008900Z

That's cool. Lightness is also great for graalvm binaries. I've made a couple of issues at babashka where I'm considering of including it

alekcz 2020-08-31T19:07:49.009300Z

I've bookmarked them. Will add some input in the morning.