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chrisn 2021-04-12T18:50:01.087500Z

Is there a trick to get io/resource to work? The resources are included in the uberjar and in the uberjar I get a valid url. In graal native, I get an NPE.

borkdude 2021-04-12T18:57:34.087900Z

@chris441 yes, it works if you include the resources using a resource config.

chrisn 2021-04-12T18:57:45.088100Z

OK, reading about that now

chrisn 2021-04-12T19:02:38.089600Z

Is your project structure $PROJECT/resources/clj_kondo/impl/cache/built_in/... ?

borkdude 2021-04-12T19:02:45.089800Z


borkdude 2021-04-12T19:02:56.090Z

and resources is on my classpath

chrisn 2021-04-12T19:10:02.090500Z

Got it. Things are working again 🙂.