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borkdude 2021-04-22T09:53:51.124100Z

@chris441 @huahaiy possibly interesting:

chrisn 2021-04-22T14:44:31.124300Z

Awesome!! I will check this out.

chrisn 2021-04-22T15:10:55.124800Z

That post links to an issue that will hopefully result in formal support for that pathway.

littleli 2021-04-22T17:55:04.125500Z

The article about Multi-tier compilation in GraalVM

Huahai 2021-04-22T21:20:04.126100Z

Thanks. This is JNI specific, but what would be really cool is to make the substrateVM API available for regular JVM, because it is direct native access , much faster than JNI, and the API is nice to use too. Statically linking native libraries with substrateVM API is not a problem. I am already doing that in Datalevin.