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@flyboarder is it possible to add the static code analysis to travis?


@flyboarder how much more are you planning to put in the 7.2 scope?

flyboarder 2018-01-01T17:28:25.000053Z

@thedavidmeister I’d like to address all the issues I tagged for the 7.2 milestone

flyboarder 2018-01-01T17:29:10.000037Z

Currently the static code analysis mostly fails due to the boot-hoplon stuff

flyboarder 2018-01-01T22:10:38.000010Z

Pushed the first 7.2.0-SNAPSHOT, please give this a try as it removes protocol overrides

flyboarder 2018-01-01T22:10:54.000045Z

@thedavidmeister ^


@flyboarder do you think it's far enough along to try sticking into a real project?

flyboarder 2018-01-01T23:50:04.000090Z

yes, except that I broke something right before pushing it, so once thats fixed it will be fine

flyboarder 2018-01-01T23:51:05.000061Z

@thedavidmeister tests all pass, but cant find the correct namespace in pods during build