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@flyboarder can you explain the issue with prerendering in https://github.com/hoplon/hoplon/pull/222/files?

flyboarder 2018-01-03T00:40:39.000041Z

@thedavidmeister sure, so in your PR #222, if we remove mksingleton we will break prerendering, as the element will re-render it’s content

flyboarder 2018-01-03T00:42:37.000108Z

there is a check in mksingleton that only add’s children when the :static attribute is false (default when missing)


@flyboarder ok, i'll split this in two parts then


7.2 i'll just move the body creation into call time for the body fn


7.3+ i'll look into whether prerendering can be handled so that body and head work like other els

flyboarder 2018-01-03T01:25:22.000084Z

@thedavidmeister sounds good! So close to another release with better stability for 3rd party!

flyboarder 2018-01-03T01:28:04.000157Z

@thedavidmeister also if there is anything else reporting issues in your staging builds I’d like to get that fixed asap

flyboarder 2018-01-03T01:29:30.000018Z

⚠️ For anyone tracking the 7.2 progress, this should be 100% compatible with 7.0 and 7.1 provided you are not using experimental features. ⚠️

flyboarder 2018-01-03T04:41:52.000085Z

@thedavidmeister the more I think about the body elem thing, the more I think we should fix this in the tests, not core, since it’s a platform bug and so far only exists on phantom


@flyboarder i don't think that's quite right, i think it's just that document.body is technically optional


we'll just move the check to when body is called and it should be OK


pretty sure that you could pass <html><head></head></html> to chrome and it would be a valid html doc

flyboarder 2018-01-03T19:12:36.000385Z

@alandipert All of the 7.2 tickets are resolved. This brings a much needed overhaul to the code base which removes prototype overrides, cleans up dead code and moves experimental features to hoplon/brew repo. All of the core code is documented and organized into sections within the code. I have requested your review on github.


flyboarder sounds amazing. i'll take a look later today

flyboarder 2018-01-03T22:36:30.000395Z

Is anyone else able to test 7.2.0-SNAPSHOT

flyboarder 2018-01-03T22:37:12.000051Z

All 7.* versions should be compatible, except for anything marked experimental

flyboarder 2018-01-03T23:04:40.000219Z

@thedavidmeister has the 7.2 version gotten passed your staging tests?