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@flyboarder well to get a useful "dragleave" event using the dnd api you need to count dragenter/dragleave events because they trigger on some nested elements too


so i end up with something like


:dragenter (fn [e]
               (wheel.dom.events/prevent-default e)
               (swap! drag-enters update (-> e .-originalEvent .-target) inc))
   :dragleave (fn [e]
               (wheel.dom.events/prevent-default e)
               ; use a RAF to ensure leave is always called after enter but
               ; avoid the UI jank that a regular timeout would incur
               (.requestAnimationFrame js/window
                #(swap! drag-enters update (-> e .-originalEvent .-target) dec)))


which really seems like something i should bundle up for re-use


so i was assuming that i'd need to namespace the :dragenter and :dragleave attributes and put them in a fn that applies them to a passed element - namespacing would be to ensure that the element can have other things bound to the same events


although, i haven't tested it yet, it might already work as event handling and attributes are different things

flyboarder 2018-01-13T18:48:10.000022Z

@thedavidmeister so for that I would just namespace it