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@flyboarder hmm this is where it gets difficult, data validation is a really deep topic


we've moved past tracking async processes into something a lot more complicated

flyboarder 2018-02-01T01:09:02.000172Z

lol yes

flyboarder 2018-02-01T01:09:55.000034Z

however we dont need to be responsible for the validation, only the result of validation

flyboarder 2018-02-01T01:11:57.000184Z

the thing about my implementation, is that any bit of implicit state can be explicitly set, so if a component wants to manage any of it itself it still can

flyboarder 2018-02-01T01:12:55.000253Z

*status* is where I would put this type of state

flyboarder 2018-02-01T01:18:59.000090Z

I just updated the snippet above to include *error* and *success*, also this will be part of the repo here eventually: https://github.com/degree9/enterprise


kk, i'll think about it a bit more and offer some feedback 🙂

flyboarder 2018-02-01T02:13:52.000206Z


onetom 2018-02-01T17:48:57.000486Z

hello again, guys!

onetom 2018-02-01T17:52:44.000537Z

i might have a chance to get back to hoplon on a project.

onetom 2018-02-01T17:56:00.000635Z

i just ran thru the changelog; tons of things have changed... @flyboarder @thedavidmeister i see 7.x was mostly the result of your commits. Q1. what's the best example repo currently which demonstrates the capabilities of Hoplon 7.x? Q2. is there a widget library you can recommend? Q3. https://github.com/hoplon/demos doesn't seem to be updated; why is that?

onetom 2018-02-01T18:00:00.000644Z

Q4. Shouldn't boot-reload be linked to https://github.com/adzerk-oss/boot-reload at https://github.com/hoplon/hoplon/blame/master/README.md#L68 for example?

flyboarder 2018-02-01T18:19:38.000446Z

@onetom I don’t think there are public example projects yet which use the new 7.X versions, however they should be Fully compatible with the last 6.0-alpha series, most of the changes are internal not public facing

flyboarder 2018-02-01T23:30:38.000337Z

@onetom also what do you mean by “widget library”, are you looking for a UI framework of components, then http://github.com/degree9/uikit-hl is my current favourite