The :hoplon: ClojureScript Web Framework - http://hoplon.io/

@flyboarder just fyi i have had this in the back of my mind and keep re-reading the hoplon.core source with the intention of eventually understanding it enough to put together a fix, but it's taking me an embarrassingly long time to understand certain aspects of the problem, particularly which situations cause (child-vec this) and the old value in merge-kids to be different, and what the implications of that are


it will probably click sooner or later though

flyboarder 2018-06-18T20:22:57.000373Z

@jjttjj feel free to schedule time with me for a code walkthrough

flyboarder 2018-06-18T20:23:24.000339Z


flyboarder 2018-06-18T20:26:26.000632Z

If there is enough interest I will make up a presentation


either of those options would be cool, thanks! although that calendar shows you as booked through the rest of 2018 😁