The :hoplon: ClojureScript Web Framework - http://hoplon.io/
kennytilton 2018-08-12T11:08:12.000030Z

Intriguing. I chose a mysterious starting point for yet another explication of cells (my version) and, without planning it, the expository path never led me to a point where I wanted to use the spreadsheet metaphor. https://github.com/kennytilton/mxtodomvc/blob/master/README.md


i think it reads well


the R-based framework i work with now, also avoids mentioning spreadsheets in docs. preferring instead "reactivity" as the paradigm

kennytilton 2018-08-12T11:08:52.000048Z

I wonder if it will help.

fmnoise 2018-08-12T14:46:59.000059Z

hi everyone, I'm looking to hoplon/javelin/castra as frontend stack for next project. Any thoughts on current project state and maintenance?

fmnoise 2018-08-12T14:47:34.000036Z

github looks bit abandoned at least for castra


@fmnoise castra definitely seems to be the least used presently and thus is least maintained. Hoplon/Javelin have a cult following and are heavily used by a small number of people (including myself)


so I'd say they are decently well maintained

flyboarder 2018-08-12T19:59:46.000047Z

@fmnoise I second that^ , castra is lightly used however there are working implementations of a similar approach for nodejs